As your portrait photographer, I want to help you celebrate your life. I want to tell your story. 

"A portrait. What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound."
 ~ Charles Baudelaire ~






































Have you ever wanted a beautiful portrait,

a magazine style portrait?

Many of us grew up looking at Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines wishing we could have pictures of us just like the models and celebrities. I want you to experience just that! I would like to invite you to enjoy a celebrity style makeover and photoshoot. Let’s celebrate your milestone birthday, the birth of your child, or a great accomplishment. In a nutshell let’s celebrate your life! From our first conversation, to you going home with your printed photos, you will enjoy a fun pampered experience. I am super excited to be your photographer and I want to give you the gift of lasting memories that you and your loved ones will forever cherish!

I promise you beautiful portraits of yourself honoring the power of your soul and your authenticity!



For that great portrait you will display in your home!


For your marketing and branding needs!


For the creator on the go!

photo Credit: Ashleigh Taylor Portraits

My name is Daniella. I'm a portrait photographer based out of New York City.

As a portrait photographer I create different types of portraits, fine art, glamour, family, personal branding, and headshots. I am a firm believer that we all need to exist in photos!

Life is a gift and I am so blessed to have discovered my love for portrait photography this late in my life. As far as I can remember I always had an artistic penchant. As a child dance was my way of expression. In the 80’s I studied makeup artistry and body makeup which led me to start with my sister and cousin, a dance company. I explored the different ways of expressing my creativity with theatrical pieces which incorporated words, dance as well as full body makeup. Today I dig back into this lifelong love of the arts to help you express yourself.

The best part of being a portrait photographer is capturing your special moments and illuminate that through my lens. I am continually inspired by the emotions that transpire on my clients faces and I am privileged to capture - a smile; a touch; a glance during those special moments. At the heart of it, it’s about being true to oneself.

I look forward to welcoming you to the warmth of my studio (or I’ll be more than happy to travel to a location of your choice). Making you feel comfortable is my priority; capturing your essence is my gift.

Are you ready?

- Daniella

Would you prefer to give the gift of timeless beauty to a friend or loved one?