Between the Sheets Portrait Series

As a Contemporary Portrait artist and Photographer. I sometimes delve into projects that are very close to my heart. On march 8, 2019, I kicked off my Between the Sheets Portrait Series in New York City for International Women’s Day!


This project is celebration of self! I invited women to get Between The Sheets to tell their body image stories and celebrate their uniqueness. It’s about capturing their voluptuous curves, the thickness of their thighs, their toned arms, the light in their eyes, the shadow of their smile! They are bold, they are raw! It’s about embracing their divine essence and saying YES! to stepping into a spotlight that will reveals their authentic self and seize an ineffable moment in time. 

They stripped to the bare essentials to go beyond the clothes and makeup and reveal their most truthful expression! Getting Between The Sheets is about embracing their womanhood, their sexuality, their strength, and feeling BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, POWERFUL and COMFORTABLE because they are more than enough just as they are!




I first became conscious of my body when I was 10. My body journey is a work in progress. There are aspects I feel I’ve overcome, only to have to revisit them. See, when I was younger, I equated having boobs to being a woman. Then, I began to realize that I was more than my boobies. Although that didn’t stop me from being insecure about other body issues, it was a great start!

I wanted to do the “Between the Sheets Portrait Session” because it was an opportunity for me to be naked in front of the lens. Being photographed with no foundation or concealer is a big deal for me. Although I had done it once before, it still scares me. The hyperpigmentation on my nose is something I constantly try to hide. Doing the photo session was a chance to expose me. I left the session feeling really empowered. I know now that I will still be beautiful without makeup and I thank Daniella for that.




My body journey has always been and will be to stay strong, fit, and healthy. Consuming food/drink good for the body, and everything in moderation. Know your own body’s needs. Being blessed with a high metabolism, and endless energy helps too. The body is a powerful thing and my physique is beautiful. I've always been comfortable in my own skin because my body is mine and created that way. From modeling at the young age of 6 years old, being exposed to all ages (toddlers to elderly), male, female, and many different body types wasn't a big deal. We're all different. Thank Goodness! Embrace what you're given and run with it!

I was happy to experience the “Between the Sheets Portrait Session” because I'm always up for any new challenge or adventure plus you've got to get creative with a sheet otherwise you might look like a ghost (but hopefully a fashionable one)!




I believe I was around 9-10 years of age when I became self-conscious of my body. I lived most of my life believing that I had to lose weight or change myself to fit other’s expectations to be loved. Going through a healing journey helped me to see myself through the lenses of love. Today I embrace my body and who I am.

I wanted to do the "Between the Sheets Portrait Session" to celebrate myself and my healing. The photo session allowed me to experience a new level of self-acceptance. I realized that there is a difference between accepting myself for who I am sitting in the room alone or showing my truth to the world. In the reflection of the camera, I couldn't hide anymore.

Thank you, Daniella, for the experience of 'ultimate self-acceptance!




My body journey has been one of thinking when I was younger (from around the age of 12yrs old), that I was fat. Now that I’m older and certainly heavier the reverse has happened and I’m more comfortable in my own skin. It took me till I was about 40 to gain that confidence. I thought to myself, to take this moment to strip down to no make up and just a white sheet to express where I felt I was in my life. I wanted to take the image of Greek goddesses and show love, compassion, strength and power. Even though my body is bigger, and my wrinkles exposed I wanted to portray a sense of confidence, grace and wisdom in my shot. Doing the “Between the Sheets Portrait Session” was the perfect way to embrace going into my 50’s!




My overweight body's life long journey is one of embarrassment. I became aware of my body when family members constantly commented on my weight. People would say you have a pretty face...they would not finish the rest of the sentence, "but you're overweight"

For most of my adult life I've been on some sort of diet: Atkins, WW, low carb, you name it I’ve tried...I don't allow my weight to define how I live, I exercise and dance my butt off. I'm sexy and sassy!!

After the “Between The Sheets Portrait Session” I felt super sexy à la Marilyn Monroe, who's body by today's standard would not be slim. I enjoyed the experience!!