Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the portrait session?

A: You will spend a full hour with me where I will direct you through your posing and make sure that you are comfortable in front of the camera. This is a celebration of your body image journey so I want you to feel natural. I want the pose and the concept to say something about who you are.

Q: The box includes 6 photos. Can I add more photos?

A: Of course you can! You will receive a keepsake box with a capacity of ten mated photos. If you decide to add more then ten photos I can accommodate with a bigger box of up to thirty photos. Enlargements are also available.

Q: What does my session includes?

A: The Between The Sheet experience is $950 and includes the one hour photo session with me, the retouching of your images, an in-person reveal session, the digital files of all photos you selected, and a beautiful Italian keepsake box to store your photos. At your reveal session you will receive 10% off any additional items you purchase that day.

Q: When and where will I select my favorite photos?

A: You will be invited to my studio for your reveal and sales session about two weeks after your portrait session. If you are not able to visit the studio I will schedule a Skype or Google shared screen for you to see your photos and choose your favorites.

Q: What should I wear?

A: No need to worry about your wardrobe. The whole purpose of the sheet is that we remove this worry from your portrait session preparation. I will provide you with a white sheet. Please be assured that all sheets are cleaned before being reused.

Q: What should I do to prepare for my session?

A: When you book your session I will send you a detailed list of how to get ready. I am also always available by phone or text for any questions you may have.

Q: Is hair and makeup included?

A: As you know I usually include Hair and makeup for my regular portrait session, I love myself some glamour! But the purpose of this portrait session is to capture your true beauty. I want you to be raw and authentic. If you feel the need to wear makeup please keep it very minimal and natural.

Q: How much do you edit out?

A: My post-processing techniques are more focused on color, contrast, skin perfecting, sharpening, etc, rather than body morphing. I rely on strategic poses and angles to play down "problem" areas. My main rule of thumb is, if it’s permanent, it stays. Tattoos included. I will work with what you’ve got and prove to you that you ARE BEAUTIFUL and these will be the best set of photos you have of yourself!  

Q: Where will my session take place?

A: Your session will be held in a comfortable and beautiful space chosen just for these sessions. We’ll have the whole private apartment/house to ourselves.

Q: Will you use my images on your website/blog/social media?

A: I would love to choose images from your session to show other women how amazing you look. However I will not share them if you are not comfortable with that. Many clients are proud of their images and want me to use them to encourage other women to feel good about themselves.