Fine Art Portrait

Today you are the muse!

Before photography, painters were commissioned to create works of art that captured one’s true essence and celebrated their life. Today photographers have the capacity to paint with light and create works of art with their camera.

Fine Art portrait is about the interpretation of an idea, or an emotion. I invite you to play with your imagination to tell a story that is dear to you. My goal is that your personalized artistic portrait hangs on your wall in all of it’s splendor!


Commissioned Fine Art Portrait

Fine Art portraits are meant to be displayed like art, just as a painting. Your commissioned fine art portrait is an investment into your family heirloom and to best showcase your personalized art piece I recommend a wall art, measured and created for your home.

Wall art 16x20 for your lounge or hallway wall

Wall art 24x40 for your feature wall

Wall art 30x40 for a grand impact

Want to collaborate or share your own concept?


Would you prefer to give the gift of lasting memories to a friend or loved one?