All in the family!

Whenever I visit a friend’s or a client’s home, I am full of questions because I am eager to learn more about my host’s relationship with photographs. I am always curious to discover how they display their souvenirs. Did they set a special space apart dedicated to family portraits?

Family traditions

Now, I’d like to ask you about your family traditions. What about the family gallery wall? Was there one in your childhood home? Are there unfortunate pictures of your younger self sporting a terrible perm or wearing braces? Could never understand why mothers cherish those unsightly photographs.

Different strokes

My family’s tradition was a bit different. Portraits were displayed on bookshelves or in the pages of the brown leather family album. The pictures were artfully displayed on soft black pages with photo corners.

Sundays, like most families, would be dedicated to worship. As soon as my sisters and I got home, we took off our pretty stain-prone dresses and enjoyed the laziness of Sundays. If anyone looked for me, they would often find me enthralled by the images contained in the photo albums. It would be my own cinema where I would relive joyful moments through the photographs.

Inspired by my cousin


On a recent visit to my cousin’s house, I noticed that he and his wife keep a beautiful family portrait wall. Pictures from both sides of the family are displayed proudly. What was supposed to be a quick climb up the stairs turned out to be a moment frozen in time when each picture was telling me its own story. I was just lost in the moment. I could see what was, what is and what could possibly be. I recently started my very own family wall gallery. I would like to invite you to look around the house to discover your own family traditions.