Tips for choosing your portrait photographer

You have a milestone birthday coming up, you’re about to turn 30-40 or 50. Yes one of the big one! You want to do something special to remember this special time in your life. One of your girlfriends suggest a portrait session. What a great idea! You’ve never taken professional photos before and that would definitely be a great way to celebrate and have picture you can look at to remind you of this time. Only one problem, you have no idea where to start. How do you pick your photographer? There are so many of them out there! 


Here are a few steps that will aid you in choosing a photographer. 

First you need to figure out the style that you are most attracted to. Start with the Internet. Are there any images that you’ve seen that you like? Do you have a preference for light and airy image or more dramatic style? 

Create a Pinterest board and start pinning away - one of my favorite activities. If you don’t have Pinterest, save screenshots images from the Internet. Look for colors,  style,  posing. Do you want to het all glamed up or do you prefer more of a girl next door style? Or perhaps you’re thinking of being a bit more daring with some lingerie?

Now that you have a better idea of the type of images you are looking to create start looking for a photographer that specializes in the portrait genre. Do you want to do a glamorous session? Something like what you see in Vanity Fair? This is what some portrait photographers call contemporary style. Perhaps you want to do a more intimate photo session and wear some pretty lingerie? That’s a speciality called boudoir - French word which means a woman’s private sitting room. A more casual look is what you are looking for? A lifestyle photographer will deliver this style which as the name says it is more like a moment in your day. It depicts your lifestyle. 

Now that you know what style of portrait you are looking for definitely a Google search is the first thing that comes to mind. Look up local portrait photographer. Find a few that photograph in the style and genre you are looking for. Visit their websites and see if there are any images that jumps at you. Images that you really fall in love with. Read the reviews on Yelp and other review sites. Also make sure to ask around. One of your friends may know of a photographer. 

Now that you’ve narrowed down the list it’s time to figure out who you actually get along with. Chemistry is key. Most photographers offer a consultation. Take advantage of that service. Both the photographer and you have to make sure that you are a good fit. Find out their pricing, what type of payment method is accepted. Do they offer hair and makeup? What day of the week are they available. Will you need to take a day off work? It might be a good idea to plan a day out with your significant other or your friends. You will be all dolled-up and ready to party might as well plan to paint the town red!