Let’s capture your voluptuous curves, the thickness of your thighs, your toned arms, the light in your eyes, the shadow of your smile! Be bold, be raw! It’s about embracing your divine essence and saying YES! to stepping into a spotlight that will reveal your authentic self and seize an ineffable moment in time. 

Strip to the bare essentials, to go beyond the lingerie and makeup is to reveal you in your most truthful expression! Get Between The Sheets! It's about embracing your womanhood, your sexuality, your strength, and feeling BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, POWERFUL and COMFORTABLE because you are more than enough just as you are!

Our transformative experience will have you arriving to our chosen location wearing no makeup - I know some of you will want minimal makeup, I prefer you to be as bare as you can be. Your wardrobe, a simple one size fits all white sheet. Leave the rest to me! Be ready to feel pampered, empowered, free, and regal. But more importantly be ready to connect with your deeper self.